sorry about the delay folks…this summer has really come and gone, and i’m looking back a bit saddened that the lacquer hut went on such an extended hiatus.  various house projects, weddings, mini-travels, work, music festivals and my long-touted return to university have all taken the foreground as  i get re-situated with my life in wilmington (its been four years since i last ‘lived’ here!)…while all these things have been quite lovely, and it has been a grand summer, i am disappointed that i have done nothing to get a show for our lacquer art here (all the paintings are still wrapped in their boxes, stacked on top of eachother, in the corner of my house).  it seems with each new summer endeavor i take on the mindset that ‘…after this…i’ll start making frames for my lacquer paintings…’  i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard myself say this aloud and each time a bit of me cringes.

co-inciding with my lack of lacquer time has been oanh’s lack of presence at the studio.  the internet has not worked there for months, and even if it did, she was trekking the central highland mountains for a month and a half, getting her annual fix of village life, and field work (as in drawings…not actually working in fields).  i am hoping she gets internet back  soon, and we can have our cyber cafe chats on the reg once again.

not all of us have put lacquer on the back-burner for the summer…ai has officially finished her first two lacquer paintings!

congrats ai, and don’t worry on them taking so long…extreme delay is the essence of all things lacquer!